Escapement Broadstairs

Escapement Broadstairs

Tel:: 01843 449908

Immerse in a world of adventure as you puzzle your way through each, exciting, real-life game!
Our Escape adventures are a hybrid of Crystal Maze-style challenges and classic whodunits!

We incorporate immersive storytelling with exciting puzzles and impressive sets that’ll plunge you into new worlds that feel like Hollywood blockbusters!

Fun for all the family, Escapement Escape Rooms are built for bringing people together and creating long-lasting memories. Designed to be inclusive, they often have multiple generations playing together in one game. Sharing, communicating and having fun all whilst working as a team to complete each challenge.

With three adventures to choose from, there’s something for everyone!
Currently ranked as the UK's No.1 Escape Room on Tripadvisor with 2000 five-star reviews so book your quest now!





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